Five-J.A.B., Inc was started by James A Bohannon Jr in 1982 as a production company. The name Five J.A.B., Inc represents the family members of James Bohannon Jr, which include James A Bohannon Jr, Janet A Bohannon, Jennifer A Bohannon-Ramirez, James A Bohannon III and Jessica A Bohannon. Five-J.A.B., Inc has been family owned and operated since inception.

James Bohannon Jr graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Computer Science. From 1976 to 1979 James Bohannon Jr was an Application Engineer/Tech for Reda Pump in the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. In 1981 he began Universal Pump & Cable and continued operations until 1990 when he sold the business. With Universal Pump & Cable he serviced submersible pumps for companies such as Amoco, Conoco, Exxon and multiple independent companies. In 1982 James Bohannon Jr formed Five-J.A.B., Inc a production company, owning multiple leases in the Tomball and surrounding areas, the company is still in active operations today. In 1984 he started O’Sand Production Company an Oil and Gas Production Company. At the same time he worked for S & N Pump Company from 1990-1993. In 1986 James Bohannon Jr became a Partner/Vice President of Operations for Gaither Petroleum Corporation in Houston, Texas. His duties included Work over operations and Engineering. He had three workover rigs and (1) drilling rig; approximately 250 operating wells at this time, and drilled wells in Goose Creek, Hankamer and S. Victoria. He specialized in fishing tools, gravel packs and work over tools. James Bohannon Jr sold his interest in Gaither Petroleum in 2008 to stat his consulting firm and re-establish Five-J.A.B., Inc as a full time operating company.

James A Bohannon III started Five J.A.B. Oilfield Service Companies in 1997. Five J.A.B. Oilfield Service Companies were owned and operated by James A Bohannon III, which comprised of four different entities, Five J.A.B. Oilfield Construction Services, LLC, Five J.A.B. Hauling Services, LLC, Five J.A.B. Vacuum Services, LLC and Five J.A.B. Rig Services, LLC. All companies were managed by Jennifer Bohannon-Ramirez and Jessica Bohannon. Five J.A.B. Oilfield Construction Services, LLC was supervised by Prince Joseph (“Joey”) Bohannon, having (8) lease crews and multiple pieces of equipment servicing the oil and gas industry in the State of Texas. Five J.A.B. Hauling Services, LLC and Five J.A.B. Vacuum Services, LLC were supervised by Christopher (“Chris”) Kowalski, having (10) Hauling and Vacuum Trucks servicing the oil and gas industry in the State of Texas and Louisiana areas. Five J.A.B. Rig Services, LLC was managed and supervised by James A Bohannon III and Chris Kowalski, having (13) well servicing units, with multiple pieces of support equipment, servicing the Texas and Louisiana State Regions. Five J.A.B. Oilfield Services companies employed over 120 employees and generated an annual revenue’s in excess of 20 Million dollars per year. Five J.A.B. Oilfield Service Companies were sold to Key Energy Services in Houston, Texas, the world’s largest workover rig company, on November 15, 2010. James A Bohannon III is a current employee of Key Energy Services as an Area Manager for the Southern and Gulf Regions and has continued to expand Key Energy’s business in these areas. Jennifer Bohannon-Ramirez started employment with Key Energy Services as a Business Process Leader following the sale. Christopher (“Chris”) Kowalski and Prince Joseph (“Joey”) Bohannon began employment with Key Energy Services following the sale. In September 2011 the aforementioned employees resigned from Key Energy Services to begin working with the family in their Oil and Gas Operating ventures.

In August 2008 James A Bohannon III started Five J.A.B. Environmental Services, LLC a residential and commercial waste collection and recycling company in Magnolia and surrounding areas. In (2) years Five J.A.B. Environmental Services, LLC grew to have over (28) Waste Hauling Vehicles and over 60 Employees, with (500) residential dumpsters and over 10,000 residential stops in the Magnolia and surrounding areas.

Five J.A.B. Environmental Services, LLC was sold to Waste Corporation of America, a publically held Waste Collection Firm, on August 1, 2010.

Five-J.A.B., Inc started operations and production in August 2011 in The State of Louisiana and retaining current production held in Texas since inception. Five J.A.B., Inc has also been active as a Texas State Certified Plugger since 2000. Five-J.A.B., Inc has increased production to include fields in the Louisiana and Texas regions and continues operations to the present day. Five-J.A.B., Inc is owned and operated by James A Bohannon Jr. Jennifer Bohannon-Ramirez and Jessica Bohannon manage all company owned business to the present day.

James A Bohannon Jr currently owns and operates Five-J.A.B., Inc and provides consulting services to many customers such as Vernon Faulconer, Inc and Legend Natural Gas with Five J.A.B. Consulting Services. Prince Joseph (“Joey”) Bohannon and Chris Kowalski consult for customers as well for Five J.A.B. Consulting Services.

Five-J.A.B., Inc and its Affiliates family owned and operated companies are dedicated to providing the highest quality services with the lowest possible expense to our customers and investors. Five J.A.B. Inc and Affiliates has dedicated over 30 years to the Oil and Gas Industry and will continue into the future.